Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going a Little Random

I was going to start this post with a picture of Jack, but I am at Sarah's house and I haven't quite figured out how to use her picture program. I am spending two days at her house while her and Nick take the girls to the water park. Water park and Jack just didn't sound like a good fit. This way they have one parent for each child and they should have a blast. The girls were very excited and I'm excited to have Jack all to myself.

I decided this was a perfect time for a little randomness. Jack is down for his nap, so here goes....

The Cubs are on and they are kicking butt in the 4th inning. It is 7 to 1 and I'm happy. My husband says it doesn't matter because they are so far back, but I don't care. I love to see them do good whenever it is.

I have very limited sports interests. I like the Cubs, Notre Dame football, the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500. I am not fanatical about any of them. That's just who I happen to like and I don't care if you like them or not. I am happy that you like who you like, but that doesn't mean that I have to like them too. I actually had a fellow blogger delete my comment because I had the nerve to say that I didn't care for the player that she was gushing over. I think that is just ridiculous.

I have become an addict! I am totally addicted to SoBe Lifewater. Have you tried it? It is so delicious. Refreshing and yummy and so many flavors and 0 WW points. I blame April at the Sisterhood for suggesting it, now I'm hooked.

A good friend and her family were out last week from Maine. They had a graduation open house out here for all of us. Her family is out here and so are many friends. It was fun to spend time with them. Someday, we are going to get out to Maine and visit them.

During the summer, we have bunco pool parties. I think it's funny because none of us go in the pool. Most of us don't even wear bathing suits. The few of us that have school age kids, their kids go in, but that's about it. We do have fun though. Our next one is Tuesday. The last hurrah before school starts.

Dick and I went to Cruise Night the other weekend. It is something they have in our town during the summer. Last year, it was every Saturday night. This year it is only once a month. What it is...they close the street for three blocks in the heart of downtown and people bring their classic restored cars up and park on both sides of the street for people to look at. Being it was just once a month this year, they were supposed to have a band and beer garden, but they didn't. It was still fun though. More so for Dick than me, but still fun.

There is a new challenge over at the Sisterhood. It's a team challenge and I love my team. As of right now, we are in first place. The challenge is called Down and Dirty in 30 and my team is the Lowdown Dirty Losers. Just a little play on words of the challenge name. Our plan is to win. I'll let you know at the end of the month if we did.

I am beginning to count down to the start of school. We have our big staff meeting on Thursday, open house and ice cream social on Monday and then we start on Wednesday the 25th. I can't believe it is here already. I'm still waiting for the "me" part of the summer to start.

The fun part of school starting is that Natalie will be in the two day morning class. She is very excited and so am I. She tells everyone that she has to call grandma by her big girl name.

Two pet peeves....people who have buttons for their blogs and then the codes don't work for you to get them and people who have giveaways and then don't post the winners when they say they are going to.

If you could, please say a prayer for my friend that I have been going to treatments and doctor appointments with. She had her CT scan on Thursday and we so want good news. Please Lord, no growth in the tumors and let the Avastin be doing it's job and cutting off the blood flow to the tumors.

I'm starting to hear Jack beginning to stir so I better close and get his bottle ready. Hope you all had a great weekend and your week ahead is wonderful.


  1. So Natalie will be in your class? That is so much fun! Even if she isn't in your class... all the kids at school will start calling you Grandma! When Sarah started she tried to call me Miss Diana, but she just couldn't do it! Soon, everyone in the class started calling me, Meme! That will be so fun for you! I will miss not seeing mine at best beginnings this years, since they have moved away. Looking forward to some pictures of Jack!

  2. Have fun with Jack this weekend. Sounds like you have been really busy and as you said, school will start before you know it. Can't wait to see some new pictures of Jack. Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Lucky you to have some one one one time with adorable Jack!


  4. Hope you have a wonderful two days with Jack :) Saying a prayer for your friend... and how is it possible that it's back to school time already?

  5. What an interesting post! You have so many interests and so much going on in your life. I can't believe it's back to school next week already and we still haven't done our Friday walk/explore! Maybe next summer right?

  6. I love random. It's like sitting down for coffee and just talking 'til we're done! That is wonderful about Natalie! How fun is that going to be! Lots of prayers for your friend. I have a dear friend whose doggie Brandi died yesterday... she is devastated, as are her children and grandchildren. I am heartbroken for her... I know too well how it feels. We, of course, are Red Sox and NE Patriots fans! We have weekend season Red Sox tickets but Barry uses them for business clients a lot. We get to maybe 4 games every summer. We love Boston, where my Mom comes from, but my great wish is to visit Chicago, where my Dad was born. I will cheer for any Chicago team as long as my NE teams are not opponents! As for the deleted comment... I agree... ridiculous! Barry and I are not NASCAR followers, but 3 years ago we won a trip to Daytona 500 with pit passes and the whole works and it was an AWESOME trip! I really loved it. I had a broken wrist at the time from a skiing accident, but I got around pretty good! I still remember that feeling of the first week of school even though I've been retired since 2003! I can't believe it's been that long and I still have twinges of OH NO... school's almost here! Then I remember that 30 years went by... !! I am Facebook friends with LOTS of former students. Barry and I taught at the same school for many, many years and we ran a drop-out prevention program for lots of those years. It is amazing how successful some of those kids are now... just given a second chance. I love hearing from them... some are teachers now! It makes me cry sometimes when I hear from some of them... they ALL LOVED Barry. He was like the Dad to many of them and they haven't forgotten. I got fitted properly for my bicycle today and it makes all the difference!! I can't believe what raising my seat 1.5 inches has done to make me go faster! Now I need to work on swimming and running!! It's SO HOT and HUMID here. We don't have air conditioning in our home! YIKES! I took my Mom to dinner last night... just the 2 of us... it was so nice and I just love her so much and I try not to worry about her... ah, to be our age!! I love the music on my blog. Love it. Well, enough random! Love you!

  7. I meant to say I love the music on YOUR blog!!!!

  8. stuff we like and dislike? It's kinda often the same. Long live the 500!

  9. I love your post of randomness :o) Hey, I think that we may have talked about the Kentucky Derby :o) If not or if you may have not known, I have to share that our younger daughter had so much fun as a Derby princess...such a "dream come true" for all the little girls that live around there...she had so much fun with the little "princess" tea party that was held on one of the days, where they were able to meet that year's 5 princesses.

    Aw! I am sure you are loving having little Jack..I can't wait to be able to have grandma duty :o)

    It sounds like you have been busy :o) I love to look at old cars and old motorcycles :o)...actually old anythings! I love to know the story and the people behind whatever vintage or antique thing I come across!

    I haven't played bunco in years! We would have bunco with the military spouses' get-togethers. fun! :o)

    Hope that the results of your friend's tests are of a good report!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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