Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Monday Project

This week, the Monday Project is about the bank. The bank is the place you deposit all of your workout and fitness “experience” every time you walk out the door. I have three deposits this week. Here they are....
1. I gave up diet coke for lent. I can't believe the difference it makes in how I feel. I find that I drink more water in a day than I did diet coke and I thought I drank a lot of diet coke. Sometimes I think I slosh when I walk. I did go through the caffeine headaches for a few days, but it was worth it. I tried drinking a Nestea ice tea from the machine in the lunchroom at work to take the edge of at lunch, but I quit that really quickly when I read it had 210 calories. I'll suffer the headache.
2. I started wearing my pedometer again. I find that I move a lot more when I have that to check. I stay on the treadmill longer and I pace the halls when I am waiting for little people in the bathroom at work.
3. I think that shoveling snow is a huge workout. My hubby is in Florida and we have had snow all week. Monday was the worst when it was four inches of wet heavy slushy stuff. It weighed a ton. It's what they call "heart attack" snow in these parts and I can see why. Funny how he picked this week to go golf with his dad.
So...that's how my bank account stands this week. If you'd like to read about some other deposits, just head over to the Sisterhood.


  1. Yeah... no more Diet Coke, give it up completely Nancy!! I did! I have been "clean" now for about 3 wks. I was so addicted to it! I would drink 3 a day- Liquid Satan!! The first week was so hard, but I think I have it licked!! Your bank account looks good... Great job!

  2. Started to give up Diet Coke for Lent...wish i had now. I think I am giving it up beginning March 8....a beach trip with the girls the weekend before is making me wait. Wish me luck!

    Oh, and hope you are enjoying your *All about Me Day*. Hugs!

  3. Definite bank stuff!! And so worth it to get rid of the soda, isn't it?? I've been (mostly) soda free for a couple of years now, love it! Now if I could only get rid of the coffee habit... LOL congrats on a great week!

  4. I've been thinking about quitting diet coke... I'm glad to hear you notice a difference (but sad at the same time since I was hoping it wouldn't really be a big change ;))

  5. You have had a great week to bank on your experiences. Giving up the soda is a biggie!! Good job!!

  6. Maybe by April you want even want the soda anymore! Good Luck!

  7. I admire your dedication. Great deposits!


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