Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

 This is my weekly photo challenge.  We are in week 6.  The premise is easy.  All you have to do is show us your favorite picture you took over the past week.  It doesn't matter what it is.  If it is your favorite, that is what you post.  Pretty simple, right?
Here's my favorite shot for the week.
I toyed with something with the snow, but really, I am so over snow.  But, I will never get tired of the moon.  Taking pictures of the moon is one of my favorite things to do.
So, now it's your turn.  If you are a blogger, please post your link in the comments.  My Linky free time expired and until this picks up, I don't see a need to pay for a Linky.  If you aren't a blogger, I will link this to my Facebook page and you can post your picture in the comments.  If you don't already follow me on Facebook, friend request me as Nancy Jankowski Collins.  I promise I'll accept.  Please link my post in your post.  Please let your friends know about the photo challenge and invite them to join in.  Feel free to share it on any of your social media sites. Be sure and visit the other entries and leave them a comment.  You know we all love getting comments.    I can't wait to see what everyone else did.
That's it for me this week.  Now it's your turn to hit us with your best shot.  Fire away!


  1. love it nancy!
    i'm playing along, with a twist ;)

  2. Hi Nancy, great moon shot! I'm in too but I couldn't see the link entry place so here's my post link

  3. Here's my entry for the week:

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