Friday, August 9, 2013

Sharing Our Spoons / August

Jamee at A New Kind of Normal has relaunched Sharing Our Spoons.  I used to do this before and was excited to see it's return. 
Here's a little explanation of how it all works in case you'd like to join in.
  1. Physical: could be weight loss or exercise related or it could be goals like eating more veggies or cutting soda
  2. Mental/Emotional: take a day to be alone, write a letter, paint, etc
  3. Spiritual: start a new devotional book, commit a certain amount of time a day for prayer/meditation
  4. Something fun: Take time to treat yourself – maybe a pedicure or Starbucks (if you don’t typically splurge for specialty coffee)
  5. BONUS: One thing to get you out of your comfort zone a week – try something new, sign up for a class you maybe have been putting off.
Here are my goals for August................

1.  I just started the new challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  My physical goal for this month will be to walk at least one mile a day.  I'd really like it to be more, but absolutely no less than one mile. 

2.  Believe it or not, I am going to give painting a try.  I actually bought the canvas and paints months ago and still haven't tried it. 

3.  My goal is to not miss church once this month.  What is it about summer that gets me so out of routine?

4.  Something fun!  I am going back to gel nails.  They last so long and I am worth the extra money.  Actually it turns out to be cheaper than weekly manicures.

5.  Something to take me out of my comfort zone is going to be to try tabata classes.  They just started them at the studio I go to and they scare me just a bit.  They seem pretty intense, but I'm still going to try it.

Okay then!  These are my goals for August.  Thanks Jamee for bringing this back.  I missed it.


  1. 1) i'm doing the challenge too! haven't done one in ages. :) hopefully we'll kick some tail!!
    4) love gel manicures! take pics if you get any fun colors!!
    5) tabata is so hard yo! but you can do it!!

  2. I'm doing the SOS challenge this month too. I'm excited to see them returning. I really need the support and encouragement of the challenge. Great goals! I hope you'll share some of your painting with us. :-)

  3. I am doing the SOS challenge too. I'm actually not doing so well, but I can always improve. Good luck with all your goals. Love your blog.

  4. Nancy- painting is so fun! Do you have any of the places like The palette or Painting with a twist near you? They are great- you pay 35.00 dollars and you paint with an artist, step by step- there's usually wine involved too!!

    1. We have something like that close by. I keep waiting for a painting I like in the closest place to us.


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