Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today was one of the best days ever!
Abby, Sarah, Natalie and I went and picked up my mom and headed out on an adventure.

Our first stop was to Olive Garden for some lunch.
Our next stop was to the Morris Center in South Bend for the traveling Broadway company performance of Wicked.  This was the only shot I got of the stage.  It was before the show started.  Natalie loved the dragon or whatever that is.  I've never been really sure what it was.
Here we all are waiting for the show to start.
To say that Natalie was excited is an understatement.  She could not wait for those lights to go down.

 Far too soon, the show was over and there were things to buy.  Natalie was a little perturbed that they didn't have kid size t shirts.  She settled for a hat and some Elphaba (her favorite character) sunglasses.
She took in some of the views with Aunt Abby.  The Morris is a beautiful old theatre.
Then she was just being silly.  You can do that when you are going to be seven in three days.
This is Natalie on the ride home.  This was her response when I asked if she had a fun day.  She said she wished she could have hugged Elphaba and told her she loved her voice.  Now, she just wants to go back and see the show again.  Lucky for her, it is coming back to Chicago this winter.  Just in time for grammy's birthday in December.  Think of how pretty it will look in Chicago then.  I see a train ride to the city in our future.  I can't wait either, Natalie. 
It was the best day ever!!


  1. I love that theater!! Looks like the perfect day!


    1. It was, Steph. So happy you have been able to spend some time with your mom this past week. I'm sure you made some memories of your own.

  2. It is just the best play, isn't it? How fun that you all went together! My little Sarah loved it too~ s

  3. How special to spend this time with some of your favorite ladies. I have been wanting to see that play. So glad you had such a great day!


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