Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Great Unveiling

Finally!  The kitchen is finished or at least as finished as it can be until we can turn the heat off for the summer (to paint the radiator) and take the door off (to paint) for a day.  Here are a random sampling of pictures of the kitchen in different light and times of day.  Boy, am I a dork or what?  I'm just so happy with it!!!  It turned out just like I hoped it would.
Isn't it awesome?!?!  If it wasn't for the vision of a very special preschool mom, I never would have thought of this color palate in a million years.  Love you, Gretchen!!


  1. i love that sink!It looks so spacious and inviting!

  2. So pretty, Nancy--good job!!

  3. It looks amazing, Nancy! The co.ors are PERFECT! I am so jealous of your sink, too! Glad it's finally done!


  4. It is inviting, peaceful, fun, happy, modern, beautiful... just like YOU! I LOVE it! Wishing you all the blessings in the world in your lovely new space! xo!

  5. wow - fancy!!! :) its gorgeous nancy


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