Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Capture / Something Fun

We found something fun to do.

We went to visit Art the turkey.
We sat on the butterfly bench and Natalie ended up looking like a butterfly.
Natalie loved the turkey.
Lizzy maybe not so much.

But, the most fun I had was getting my new floor.

It looks awesome.

Check out all the fun at Beth's.


  1. gorgeous floors!!! ooh and i love your house. maybe we could get a pictorial walk thru one day?

  2. The floor looks great! Love the Natalie butterfly picture!!

  3. Great post about your fun visit with Art - all the pictures are really good. And I do love your new floor and no I'm not THAT jealous - just kind of. Nice post!

  4. I tried to comment at work yesterday but didn't go thru. Precious pictures of Mr. Turkey...funny, my dad's name was Art and he did remind me of my dad. LOL. Sorry we ate your family today...Love your new floor. You will find it so easy to take care of. Your grandchildren are precious too, of course.


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