Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Fun From The Mundane

Thursday was a long hard day. No need to bore you with the details. All you have to know is that when I got home, I wanted a drink and I didn't want to cook dinner. My wonderful hubby, obliging man that he is said lets go. We headed to our favorite bar/restaurant and I ordered the biggest tallest Bacardi and diet with lime they could make.

The last thing I did before I got home was get a manicure. I love my weekly manicure. It is the one thing I truly treat myself with. So...the waitress brings my drink and I am in heaven. I go to pick it up for that first drink and I send it flying across the table right at Dick! The glass was sweaty from the humidity and my hands were slippery from the manicure lotion and it was not a good combo. I wish I had a video of it because it had to be hysterical. I have never seen Dick move so fast. He didn't get a drop on him even though it was all over his side of the booth. Ice cubes lined up down the whole seam of the seat. The table was soaked. But I couldn't do anything but bust out laughing. I thought Dick was going to be mad, but he starts laughing too. I go tell the hostess that I need a few rags and she asks what happened. I tell her and she starts to laugh as she grabs some rags and heads back to the table with me. I keep saying that I will clean it up and she won't let me. She says this is nothing and tells us the story of when one of her kindergarten students threw up in the hood of her dress.

Everything is cleaned up and they are going to bring me a new drink. I keep wiping my hands on my pants, but they keep getting slicker. How in the world am I going to drink this drink. I told Dick I should have brought one of the kids sippy cups from home. He finally thinks of the perfect solution. Go wash my hands. How could I not have thought of that?!?! So I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and everything is good. So good that I felt confident enough to tackle the crab leg special and not lose my grip on them. We both had crab legs as a matter of fact. I'm in heaven with my drink, my crab legs and a cup of baked potato soup. All of a sudden Dick is laughing and says, "I can't take you anywhere!". I look down and I have dripped butter on my shirt. I start laughing as the hostess walks by and she sits down and laughs with us. The best part was when we got up to leave, Dick had two butter drips on his shirt.

The moral of this story....You can have a bad day. You can go out for dinner on a week night. You can get a manicure. These are all pretty normal mundane things. Sometimes though, one silly little thing can happen to start a whole chain of events that makes the day fun again.


  1. This made me smile!! I am clumsy, so I've done things like this before. Thanks for sharing. I love your husband's reaction.

  2. I love the moral of that story Nancy! And I could picture all the details and had a good laugh too at the thought of Dick jumping fast and not getting wet!! Isn't it true that laughter makes anything or any day better?

  3. I love this! And I'm fairly confident I laugh harder at my husband after a bad day than most normal days - he is my much needed relief!

  4. On my first date with Brian, I dumped an entire bowl of Shrimp Diablo (shrimp with a red sauce over spaghetti) into my lap. I think I was as red as my meal, which sat in my lap, and then we both start laughing madly, and we are still madly in love!


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