Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I hate my clothes! 

It usually happens at the end of a season when I'm sick of wearing the same things.  This year, it happened at the beginning of the season.  That's a really bad sign. 

I'm not a shopper which poses a problem right at the start.  If you don't like to shop, you don't go out nearly often enough to get new clothes to keep from hating your wardrobe.  My husband doesn't appreciate the dinosaur that he is married to.  I'm sure there are many husbands out there who would love to have a wife who hates to shop! 

I've been trying to get some new things.  I've done most of it online.  A few new pants, a sweater, a vest.  I need to go get shoes.  Buying those online doesn't sound like the best idea.  I need so much more, but it's a start.

The Christmas season doesn't seem like the best time to be doing this.  Crowded stores isn't my thing and trying on clothes when it's that crowded really sounds like a bad idea. 

As much as I hate my clothes, I keep thinking that everyone else must hate my clothes.  I just really see myself in them in the morning when I get dressed and look in the mirror before I leave for work.  Everyone else has to look at them day after day.  I'm sorry, guys.  I promise, I'm getting new stuff.  Soon!

Times up!  #fiveminutesfreewrite


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